New Manhattan leasing activity through the first three quarters of 2016 hit 20.5 million square feet, off by 6.2% versus a year ago.Despite that, it marked the third highest level in 10 years, passed only by 3Q of 2015 and 2006.Midtown demand, in particular, was strong, powered by six lease transactions more than 100,000 SF.For Cushman & Wakefield’s take on Manhattan’s third quarter office market , follow the link:

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Summer’s lazy days are behind us, and the bustling Fall season will be upon us. It’s an ideal time to reassert brand identity and energy with a new website or a site refresh !

It’s no secret that commercial building web sites are being transformed from basic and staid to a much more exciting statement of brand. The  New York Times  put a spotlight on the trend as it began to be noticed.

” In terms of marketing tone, the commercial real estate industry has long played the quiet cousin to the brashier residential business, ” the writer said.  ” But the two branches of the family may be getting closer. In recent months, the marketing teams for some of New York’s office buildings have decided to get the word out by deploying the types of stylish Web sites once used only by luxury condominiums.”

The article went  on to quote a number of  commercial brokers who pointed  to  the benefits of the “new”  web sites – with their “bells and whistles”- as valuable marketing tools.  From our work designing commercial building web sites in New York, utilizing the most innovative digital technology, we’re executing this new  emphasis on visual, stylish and creative  to market commercial space.

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It no longer takes a crystal ball to see the impact of technology on everyday living.  A interesting stat stands out as we take stock of its expanding  role in our lives.. Some 20% of Americans own a wearable technology device at this time. The small wearable gadgets may be in the form of glasses, fitness trackers, watches or other “gizmos.” Their popularity among consumers has surged, creating  brand new consumer experiences .  In the not distant  future,  look for wearables to become increasingly valuable in creating mobile marketing programs. They’ll provide a wealth of additional information about consumers, enabling marketers to “drill down” into their mindsets and perceived needs. While it may be some time  before wearables are ubiquitous, they are with us now,  here to stay and with strategic value that’s expected to explode.

What’s this buzz about “storytelling” and marketing and marketing and “storytelling?”

Certainly telling a story is not really a new concept or technique when it comes to marketing. But, given the social media explosion witnessed the past few years, channels and opportunities for storytelling abound. A brief word about getting it right.

Tapping into all that’s available requires marketers with a knack for creative online content and a talent for conjuring stories compelling enough to engage consumers. Effective brand storytelling blends “tried and true” tenets of marketing, including the need to stay true to the brand’s promise, with a command of the elements of memorable fiction .  Not only must the stories not be “blah,” they must give off a spark that conveys the brand’s message  and makes consumers want more.

A program popular in television’s early years closed each episode with a catchy line that said that ” there are 8 million stories in the naked city , and this has been one of them.”  Got us to thinking. There may be even more !

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Wonder how the Manhattan office market fared in the First Quarter 2016? Here’s a detailed look at it thanks to Cushman&Wakefield. For their take on it, follow the link below.

Marketing Thru Graphics ( MTG) is a results-driven digital marketing agency dedicated to helping clients generate revenue and and create opportunities. MTG brings ideas to life. At the core of its success is an innovative team that excels at cutting-edge design, strategic planning and has an in-depth knowledge of new technology.
MTG has a clear understanding of the marketing needs of the real estate industry and the expertise to develop successful solutions. MTG’s designs win awards. More importantly, they drive brand awareness and increase demand for some of the biggest names in commercial/residential  real estate. MTG has the skills to take clients beyond the boundaries of a traditional marketing and design firm. MTG’s Social Media Division (SMD) creates and manages social media content as part of clients’ marketing mix. Headed up by Peter Burke, a veteran of the public relations business, MTG/SMD creates a distinctive social media presence for clients seeking to utilize a variety of channels to engage with prospective and existing sources of business.

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Marketing Thru Graphics is now on Instagram ( marketingthrugraphics ). Stop by for a visit and share some of your photos !

“Social media presence” for commercial real estate businesses is not merely a  buzzword these days, but rather a powerful marketing tool whose absence will be conspicuous. Strategic use of social media enables a  level of engagement with target audiences, whether that’s tenants, prospective tenants, the brokerage community or even media covering the real estate “beat.”

Whether we are curating content and managing social media pages for clients or plotting strategy, keep in mind these few simple but important tips for maximizing effectiveness.

* Have a plan. Take the time to develop a social media road map. We help clients to “walk before they run” and avoid a scatter shot approach that will waste time, money and other resources.

*Understand Your Objectives/Know thy audience- It is critical that you determine you target audience, how you will reach them and what you hope to achieve.

*Stop and Think- What is your message ? What do you want others to know, to think ? Make it insightful to engage the audience and achieve objectives.

*Name your “weapons”- Will it be Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest or a Blog? Or some combination of them all ? Rather than a random approach, determine and utilize the appropriate social media channels for your marketing mix.

And once you do-  Be visible, Be consistent. Join the conversation !

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